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I am so excited to see Iggy Azalea on the new American Horror Story season

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
- Tom Robbins (via feellng)


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Lizzy Caplan
Like Virginia, Lillian has erected walls and she tells Virginia over wine that she has missed out on being loved. Lillian tells a story of her cotillion, the cruel name she was called – giraffe as she was both tall and spotty – and how a little piece of us is the girl we were at 13 (which I kind of agree with). So while Lillian hasn’t experienced romantic love, this here on this sofa and later when Virginia tucks her in bed is love. Lillian is also the only one who can get Virginia to accept that Bill loves her, even if this comes with a feigned shocked expression followed by eye acknowledgement. If this episode was just these two women sitting on the sofa drinking and telling stories I would be more than happy. Alas, the end is here and Virginia puts Lillian to bed in the same way she does her children; by drawing words on her forehead. What really slays me in this scene is Virginia telling Lillian she sees “constellations in these freckles” including the previously undiscovered “Lilantha” a “Warrior princess, strong and brave” and if I wasn’t already a wreck then this line would tip me over the edge “But she knew who she was. And that is why she burns so brightly, you can always spot her in the sky.”


On Lillian and Virginia’s friendship. 

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Lizzy Caplan and Julianne Nicholson in the recent episode of Masters of Sex


The Gail/Holly S5 Recap: Crisis Yes, Relationship No.



This is actually me answering anon’s question of last night:

So, how do you feel about how the golly storyline ended this season?

Spoiler alert: cussing ahead. And metaphors.

 I guess the answer here is not really how I feel about the ‘finale’ but how I feel about the whole damn storyline for Gail this season.

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