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Do you think Holly being a forensic pathologist will be/is significant in terms of Gail's relationship with her? Gail's always seemed to have some sort of connection with dead people...or do you think it was just a way for Holly to not be a cop?


I’d like to believe that the writers gave some thought towards Holly’s career when they decided to write her and pair her with Gail. Although, I have a feeling it was more about introducing the forensic side of things into the show and a way to introduce a non-cop character that was still part of the cop world.

But I do think whether intentional or not, we can see a connection between Holly’s profession and, perhaps, why Gail liked her so quickly because, as you said, Gail does seem to be drawn to the dead. She volunteered to look after a girl’s corpse while forensics were on their way. She was very attached to the ashes of the dead guy last season. Sophie’s murdered mother this season. She seems to have attachments to people who cannot speak for themselves or who the world has forgotten. I think if we take this a step further, we can see how this also relates to Gail being protective of children since they can sometimes be the forgotten causalities in crimes. I would venture to guess Holly probably sees the dead in her care in much the same way. They are puzzles to solve and maybe a challenge to Holly’s super nerdy brain but the bodies tell the tale of what happened to them. Solving the puzzle can lead to closure and justice for a family. Holly can speak for the dead and decipher the answers left behind. Perhaps, this is why Gail was so comfortable in Holly’s lab …


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Rookie Blue 503 - The Big Gay Distraction Edit (now in HD!)

In which the fandom needs to stay the heck away from scissors and tazers*

*this is completely accurate.

Time for a group hug

Reblogging the pain since It aired tonight on ABC (and I completely forgot).

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Why does rookie blue hoer an actress when they aren't available? I'm sorry but I'm at the point where they should have hired someone else to play Holly. I love aliyah but the girl is never available and that's not fair to Gail/Holly. This is so frustrating now.




I understand your frustration and your annoyance but a few things here..

1. The main problem here is not Ms. O’Brien’s availability per se but it is that the show doesn’t just hire her as a series regular and therefore she would be contractually obligated to Rookie Blue first (in biz, they call “in first position”) and any other projects would have to not conflict with the show’s shooting schedule. But the producers of the show probably won’t do this because it means MORE money (the actor’s rate goes up once we are talking about a contract). So, even if they did hire someone else with a more open schedule, if they hired her on a “guest star” basis, there would be nothing stopping her from taking other jobs and thus her availability would subject to change at any moment.

2. The episodes airing at the moment are the ones that were produced during pilot season, the time when pilots hoping to make a US Fall TV schedule are cast usually in LA, and Ms. O’Brien was in LA during most of this time… like every other working actor in North America (like literally every actor I follow in Twitter who wasn’t on a show was in LA for at least some of pilot season). So, again, even if they DID hire some other actress to play Holly, this actress would have probably requested this time off too because most actors flock to LA during pilot season, like tributes converging on the Capital during the Hunger Games (this joke never gets old .. okay maybe a little old). And, honestly, I am not going to get too upset over this because I do not begrudge the fact that she was in LA for a month trying to secure her future on a pilot that could have meant a steady gig for the rest of the year if the pilot was picked up and maybe longer if pilot was a success.

3. This show is NEVER going to the Gail/Holly show and if you got into this show with that expectation, you are bound to be disappointed. Not to say I wouldn’t LOVE if there was more but I knew going into this that Holly showing up occasionally and probably no more than five or eight minutes an episode was what this show as going to give me. Comparing this romance to others the show has done (between a regular and a guest star), I think the show has done a very good job so far of making Holly matter. She has interaction with someone other than Gail. She has been given some friends. She is a lot more fully formed than other guest stars. Steve Peck has been on the show since the pilot and we’ve never seen his apartment or really anything beside the job. And speaking of Steve … if you think Gail and Holly are getting the shaft … I love me some Steve/Traci and I had to wait five episodes to get any real scenes with them other than crime stuff so … yeah.

4. Now, all this being said .. could the show have done a better job at explaining Holly’s absence? Perhaps. Could they have done something other than a break-up? Probably. But this show thrives on maximum relationship drama and a break-up is an easy way to do that. And I think Gail’s storyline this season is MORE than just about Holly and I’m happy about that. Holly is an important part of it, but this season seems to be about Gail being more willing to open up .. not just with Holly but with everyone. The show has been less than subtle about hammering home the fact that none of Gail’s good friends really seem to know her. They still think she is cold and distant and has no feelings when, we know, just how much things effect her. And perhaps this season will be about Gail being more willing to be open because opening up at the risk of getting hurt is better than being closed off and alone. And Holly might be one of the reasons why Gail is more willing to risk it and that’s special.

5. In conclusion .. yeah, they could have hired someone else and hell, maybe they could have found someone even better than Aliyah (I mean I don’t think so but .. maybe) but we’d still have an issue with availability because no working actor would turn down an acting gig on the CHANCE another show might need them. That’s not how things work. Also, I feel like it needs to be said … we are only six episodes into a twenty two episode season so there is a lot more story left to be told. But if the uncertainty of actress availability is a irritating you this much, I think maybe this show isn’t for you … because the possibility of losing Aliyah O’Brien (or any actress that is not a regular) will always exist unfortunately.


This is a lot of good things. Also, pilot season is a thing every year. They knew they would be shooting RB starting in Jan. rather than August since they wrapped season on 4. They knew they wanted ‘Holly’ to stay on. The writers/producers had their shit together and I’m sure they discussed this with her. It’s not like they called her up to be on episode 4 and she was like “oh oops, sorry, I’m in LA for the next month. lawls. enjoy the snow in Toronto.” they planned this out and so far I think they’ve done a good job with it.

And you never know, but I get the feeling that if someone besides Aliyah played Holly I wouldn’t give a tit about the character because I don’t think Gail would. pun intended.

Petition for aliyah to become series regular pls

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